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In order to deepen transparency and accountability in governance processes, the Initiative for Research, Innovation and Advocacy in Development (IRIAD) in partnership with Centre for Leadership, Strategy and Development (Centre LSD) and supported by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation is engaging and sensitizing young people on open legislative process. This is to create awareness, educate young people and deepen engagement on the Open National Assembly Initiative (Open NASS).

The overall goal of this project is to facilitate and institutionalise the culture of transparency, accountability and participation in the legislative process in Nigeria through engaging young people in transparent and participatory legislative process and practice.

The overall expected outcome is improved transparent and accountable legislative processes and practices in the National Assembly as well as young citizens participation and responsiveness to Open NASS. This project is situated and anchored on the Open Government Partnership (OGP) National Action Plan II thematic areas of anti-corruption, access to information, citizens’ engagement and empowerment, and inclusiveness and service delivery.